Vintage Anteater Boots

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Vintage Anteater Boots are like any other vintage cowboy boot; in high demand, limited sizes, and varied condition.

Full vamp in Anteater skin and in good condition with a unique top can be very desirable to the right people. As with any collectible an interesting history can drive up the value as well. I remember seeing some plain ole calfskin boots on Rodeo drive made by M.L. Leddy for more than $900 one time….I was shocked.

The difference between vintage western boots and other collectibles is that you can wear these! When looking for a pair of vintage cowboy boots make sure the leather is not too dried out and brittle. Expect some scuffs…especially on any Anteater vintage boots given there raised profile, but that is what makes them vintage right?

also always check out the markings on the inside of the boot shaft for any specific bootmaker markings. Who knows you might find that unique pair from a famous boot maker like M.L. Leddy.

Expect a wide range of pricing for all types of vintage cowboy boots. Vintage Anteater boots can bring anywhere from $100 – $1000 depending on the setting, condition, bootmaker etc.